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Check the Credibility of any Instagram Account

Your #1 tool for detecting Influencer fraud. Based on our AI-machine learning algorithm we can easily detect the use of bots, bought followers & fake engagement. We will make sure you will not fail in picking the best influencers for your brand!

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Your tool to analyze Influencer fraud.

It’s hard to distinguish the difference…

By using our tool you can just fill in someone their instagram handle ‘@’ and our system will calculate a score based from 0-100 what the credibility of their account is. The higher score the more likely the account is legit.

How it works

Just a few simple steps, nothing complicated…

1. Search Profile

Fill in the Instagram handle ‘@’ from the account that  you want to analyze.

2. Gathering Data

Our advanced & intelligent system will fetch data from multiple sources.

3. Calculating Score

We will use our clever-designed algorithm to calculate the credibility-score.

4. Check Results!

That’s it! We will display you all the relevant statistics you want to know about that account.

Industry News

Say goodbye to Instagram Bots

With the rise of Instagram’s fame, so does its infamous fake followers. It has been discussed a lot recently especially in the Influencer Marketing industry. It’s become a known fact that a lot of bloggers really do buy fake followers to get more notice in their...

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Don’t spend money on false influencers anymore.

Only pay to those who have real marketing value

Instacredible set a high-standard in analytics of Instagram account. Our goal is to make the market more transparant & fair.


We use the following categories to calculate our score:

Engagement Score

Our tool scans through all the engagements an account has and will see if there’s any suspicious engagement from certain accounts.

Activity Score

If the analyzed account has suspicious activities, such as continious liking and/or commenting we can easily detect his behavoir.

Followers & Following Score

The type of people that follow an account is the utter most important thing for making sure they have the best outreach. We can check which audience is involved.


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How you can benefit from using our advanced tool

“Running an digital agency is not easy. There are numerous of activities going on at the same time and I have to deliver the most outstanding quality to my clients. Therefore, I don’t have enough time to do proper research on the legitimacy of influencers. By using Instacredible I save a lot of time and I’m sure about picking the right influencers.”

Digital Agencies


“As our company’s PR strategy involves connecting with the right influencers to roll-out our campaigns on large scale, I have trouble with deciding if a influencer is ‘fake’ or not. I’m not familiar with the metrics that involves with the digital landscape. Instacredible makes it easy for me to comprehence this intense & complicated market.”

Brands & Companies

Easy to comprehence

So, before you invest into an influencer…

Check if they are ‘fake’ or not