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With the rise of Instagram’s fame, so does its infamous fake followers. It has been discussed a lot recently especially in the Influencer Marketing industry. It’s become a known fact that a lot of bloggers really do buy fake followers to get more notice in their account as their numbers seem a lot more than they actually are. Meanwhile some gain fake followers with Instagram Growth Services. While you will gain a whole lot of real followers, you’ll eventually see that your account is filled with poorly designed bots exposing your inauthenticity.

The very surprising rare cases, which are also the most offensive, is that competitors buy you bots. They see that there is a low count of followers on your account and since they ‘feel bad’ for you, they buy you the cheapest bots to ‘help you out’. There a many situations like this and we’re here to share how you can get rid of these bad quality audience you’ve obtained in your account.

Definition of Instagram Fake Followers

Basically, any poor quality account is a fake follower from mass followers to suspicious accounts.


You can see that ‘mass followers’ are those accounts that are following more than 5,000 accounts with zero posts published.

How to remove bots on you Instagram

There are three easy ways to remove these low quality followers.

1st option: Melee Attack

If you own an Instagram Business Attack, your only option would be to block every account manually. To do this, you look for these profiles and tap the ‘…’ on the top right of the page and choose the ‘Block’ option.

If you want to make it easier, you could always switch back to your personal account and make it private from there. Once you’ve done this, you don’t have to block these followers. You can just remove them.

Keep in mind that these manual way of cleaning up will only be effective if you have less than 10k low quality accounts that follow you. It will take quite a lot of time but after a week or so, you have a fresh and clean account that will appeal to brands and advertisers again.

2nd option: Use apps custom made for this issue

There are a lot of specific apps like IG cleaner which you can find on the app store. Although if you have more than 5k bots in your account, we recommend choosing a good service. Free apps will usually not allow you to delete as many accounts as you prefer while paid apps will let you do this which will save you a lot of time and removes all the stress and hassle.

You can go to the ‘settings’ to take out all the inactive users and from there, just remove them all as you deem necessary. Instagram has limits on how much actions you can do in an hours so it will take a while for the app to clean up your account and it may take a day or more depending on how much fake followers you have.

3rd Option: Use of Mass Following services

This might be quite a shock but it is an effective shock. Even if we’re not fans at all of mass following especially services that provide it, these can help you a lot. Some of them offer services that will let you ban your existing followers. From here you can block and filter accounts that have more than 6k pages. With these apps, you can have a clean account within a week.

Keep in mind if you have thousands of bots on your account, it will really take a lot of time. These may take weeks and in worst cases, months for it to work. When it all comes down to it, it’s better to be a blogger with less followers and a great reputation than have one that’s massive but also has a massive amount of fake followers. Brands are now taking more careful steps to make sure they are hiring bloggers that only have a reputable audience which you can see from a recent statement by Unilever.

Take that step to get the clean up your account needs and get the brand deals you deserve.