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Pick the right influencer for your brand!

People used to be super apprehensive and even defensive of the title ‘influencer’. Those days are long gone as Instagram’s users continue to grow with over a billion active users. There are many famous brands who have grown attention through Instagram and its influencers like Fashion Nova and I.AM.GIA. This is why there are brands putting more than 80% of their marketing budget onto influencer marketing.

However, there are still plenty of brands that are clueless in finding the perfect influencers for their brand. Meanwhile, some may pick the correct influencer but don’t know how to create an effective influencer marketing campaign. This leads to wasted budget and efforts while not being able to reach an ROI.

That’s why we’re here. Read on for some important advice you need before you collaborate with any influencer to ensure a great campaign.

1 / How do I start in finding the right influencer?

There are so many of them that they all seem to mold into one person and it can get hard to know which one is the fit for you. You have to take note that there are differences from topics, follower count, engagement rate, social media channels along with a lot of other things. You can also put it in the industry, their nice and geolocation.

Apart from this, you really have to pick an influencer that is in line with your own company values, marketing goals, budget and KPIs. This will already allow you to make better use of your marketing budget instead of wasting time and money.

A mistake most do is looking only at the vanity metrics. These are the follower counts and likes without considering that these can be bought. These happen with ghost followers which are real accounts but don’t interact with anyone and isn’t active in Instagram aside from their follows. You can just have a quick glance on who are the recent people that follow the influencer and you can see the audience they have.

You can also go into their likes and comments wherein you can see if they’re real or come from bots. Another thing you can do is look into the comments to see how follower react to sponsored content. You will be able to see whether they’re accepting of it and see what kind of products they are responsive to.

The good thing is that there’s a way to do all these analysis with a single click. You can use HypeAuditor wherein they will do the analyzing of fake likes and followers for you. You can get their rank globally, locally and in their category. You can also see which engagement is authentic and their overall audience quality score.

Don’t forget to run and audit of this influencer every month because it can change and there may be times they skip purchasing likes but choose to do it again the coming month so it’s better to be wary.

2 / How do you analyze Influencers in YouTube?

In the past years, there have been major changes in YouTube from their algorithm to their related videos and automatic demonetization. This has caused a lot of uproar for many Youtubers. This is because it has led to a decrease of organic engagement for many channels. If you’ve noticed, there may be channels with millions of subscribers but only have a hundred thousand views or so. Youtubers with just a million subscribers may not even reach 100k views in their video.

A good example is the channel below. Once computed, they are getting 13k views average per video which is only 6% out of their total subscriber count.

At the same time, there are channels who obtain more views compared to their subscribers like the one below:

This is why it’s essential when looking for a Youtube marketing campaign to look past the subscriber count. Their views, likes and comment quality is important to note. With comments, it’s important to see variation in them and that they are specifically related the video and don’t seem bot/spammy.

You can also watch their previews videos to see their style, way of speaking, length of videos and their video formats. An important one to watch is a sponsored one to see how they promoted it and how their audience reacted to it.

YouTubers can go so far to change styles to convince their authenticity in coming sponsored videos which is important to notice to see if they are still in line with your own brand.

3 / Are your influencer candidates in line with your brand?

A vital thing to always note is the difference between content creators and influencers. While the first one creates content like photos, videos and the like, the second influences their followers. While a content creator may be a well-known artist with a signature style and insane talent, they may be unable to influence people. Influencers have that power towards their audience because people trust their taste and authority in their niche.

With this in mind, it’s essential for you to study past campaigns the influencer has done. It’s easy to find these as they usually use the hashtag #ad or #ads or #paid to get an overview of its effect to their audience. You can get a good view of the tone they use and how they style the product to their followers.

Upon studying their relevancy to your brand, it’s good to look past the influencer’s data and go into their audience’s. At the end of the day, they’re the ones who will be buying the product not the influencer. It means that if you find what seems like the perfect influencer fit but their community of follower isn’t, it’s not something we recommend you go for. If you use this influencer, you may get a good engagement but they still won’t end up getting it so there’s a low ROI.

It’s a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to get to the ideal campaign and influencer. When you do this, you can provide the brand the best influencer and a high ROI. You may even go onto creating a good and lasting relationship with the influencer as you help each other out and add value to each other’s profession.